Monday, May 16, 2011

New week, super fun projects....

Hey all you bloggers and followers out there!!

It's a new week and my list goes on and on!! To top it off my son will be graduating kindergarten next week!!! WOW time has sure passed me by. This week I am hoping to get some baby inspired projects done for all my friends having new little ones. Also I have a secret project planned that I can't wait to share!! Lets get this week started right and continue to blow through it with positive thoughts and having fun!!

I wanted to share a quick card with you I made today for my Grandma. I am 3 months late with this card :/ oops but better late then never right?

Until next time,

Clumzy me <3

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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. You asked about the stand my card was displayed on. It's actually called a flower frog. It's an antique, and was originally used to hold fresh flowers in place in a vase. I found mine on ebay, and I think I got three of them for around $20. Thanks again for your visit to my blog!! Happy stamping!!