Saturday, April 9, 2011


The past 7 years of my life have been a crazy journey. With time comes change and every year I see more of that change in me. As I mature, the things I want most in my life come in perspective. The climb to where I want to be is just starting and one day I hope to cross over my mountain. Things to look forward to the next few months...... Fun!! Food,Life,Krafting,Photography and Motherhood. I have a passion for photography and one day I hope to travel the world with my husband but for now my little travels will do just fine. With a family that is ever growing I'm sure I will have lots to share. I love scrapbooks and basically anything krafty :) I look forward to sharing my tutorials and projects with all of you.


  1. I can't wait to follow your blog! A beautiful start to what I am certain will be beautiful sharing...

  2. I am following you really!!!!!!!!